"Come On Ma"

by Lava Boiz


Laid back, Valentines Day Music! type of joint you play to get your women in the mood Music. Type of joint you use to express your true feelings to your significant other Aka Boo Thang! Let her know "Come On Ma, Come On In"


Keylo Keys 1st Verse

"So I met this chick her whole style was sick, she hopped out her ride fresh pair of Mike vicks, dark hair green eyes shorty was so thick, she got me thinkin damn maybe she perfect, the way that she walkin I can tell that she work it, thats juz a visual shit on the surface, said she had a man, said she had plan, tryna go to Miami lay in some sand, I'm tryna go to vegas blow a couple of grand, New years eve, we in NYC, we can afford the fakers, we can afford the haters, out in LA Livin like one of the lakers, only problem is shorty lived in Mesa, plus she don't know how a nigga get his paper, always on time if I ever need a favor..only girl that I loved didn't even banger!"

Come on Ma come on in come on ma come on in I can see it in ya eyes and when you get inside I wanna uh come on in come on ma come on in come on ma come on in cuz what u need is the N.O.C. baby!


released March 29, 2011
Joint from DJ Jax Da Rippa New Mixtape Heat Wave 2013, Released March 29, 2012




Lava Boiz Phoenix, Arizona

This joint is a introduction to "The Making of the Heat Wave 2017" DVD and highly anticipated mix tape. The song was originally called "This ain't just Pretend" but it was changed to "Real Rap", footage from the "Making of the Heat Wave DVD" see Parts 1-5 on www.loudmusiq.com or
Link youtu.be/cZbACVvkNY0
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